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Pieces of Chocolate


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I order my cake?

    Every cake and confection takes time to create- many hours go into the planning and developing, baking and decorating. 2-6 months is recommended for wedding cakes and 2-3 weeks for special occasion cakes. In order to maintain the high quality of cakes, Confections by Charlotte does not take any rush orders of a week or less.

Does my cake need to be refrigerated?

   Nope! All cakes can be left out in a cool, air conditioned room. Basements and garages are great. You can even leave the cake in your car overnight during the winter. A cake with standing fondant pieces should never be refrigerated- the moisture might melt the fondant!

What time do you close? Can I stop in to purchase cakes and other confections?

We do not have a store front! Confections by Charlotte LLC is an at home, cottage food business. We only do custom orders. Hours listed are phone hours. You can also email at any time of the day! Please allow 24 hours for all email inquiries.

Do you make gluten free cakes? Dairy free? Vegan?

We now offer a gluten free vanilla cake and can accommodate nut allergies. At this time, we do not offer diary free or vegan cakes

How do I transport my cake?

    The safest place in the car for your cake is the floor or the trunk. NEVER place your cake on the seat. Drive with the AC on and be careful not to make any sudden stops or sharp turns. 

What is your refund/deposit policy?

    A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot. This is refundable up to one week before your cake date, as long as special materials have not been preordered.